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Looking for Child Care


Free Child Care Referral

Choosing quality care for your child is important. Child and Family Resources can assist you with that process by providing you with potentially suitable providers to meet the needs of your family. Our agency offers information on how to find quality child care at No Cost to you.  

Selecting care is an important step for your child’s development, health and happiness. As you think about your child care make a visit, ask questions, and then decide. We have a checklist to help you find the care that is right for your family.

Our child care Referral Specialist will enter your information in our database and can match the criteria given by you to search for matching child care services in your area. All information is kept confidential and used for reporting, referral and statistical purposes only.

CFR does not recommend or endorse the quality of the programs listed.  

Child Care Financial Assistance Programs

​Assistance, in Ontario County 


Assistance, in Seneca County


Assistance, in Yates County 

Art Class
Playing toddlers

Call the Office of Children and Family Services, 585-238-8531 or check online  for a history of violations. Regulations are available on the OCFS website


Inquiries about registered providers’ compliance history can be made either by calling Child and Family Resources or by going to the Office of Children and Family Services website:


Enter in the county in which you are seeking child care and a list of all the Registered/Licensed providers in that county will appear. You can view the provider’s profile, which is a link to the right of each provider’s name.

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